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    Studies Assess Gulf of Mexico Fish Tissue Following Deepwater Horizon

  • There is now a novel way to reach audiences and help spark their interest in ocean science that involves the very popular world of video gaming. Launched by E-Line Media in conjunction with the BBC and researchers involved with their Blue Planet II series, the single-player narrative adventure Beyond Blue takes players deep into our ocean’s mysterious and fascinating world.


  • On Wednesday, June 10th, GoMRI leadership stood in solidarity with #ShutDownSTEM. GoMRI fully acknowledges that Black Lives Matter and changes need to be made in the scientific community, and we will work with our communities to eliminate racism from scientific research. We stand behind the recent statements made by AAAS and our partner organizations.

  • The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) is pleased to announce a new report that draws from five workshops hosted by the Sea Grant Oil Spill Outreach Team where emergency responders and oil spill science researchers from around the Gulf of Mexico gathered to learn from one another.

    Sea Grant Releases Report on Fostering Researcher-Responder Collaboration

  • Marine protists are single-celled planktonic creatures that form the base of the marine food web and perform important ecosystem services, including driving photosynthesis and the carbon and nitrogen cycles.

    How Grad Student Tang Observes Oil’s Big Impacts on Tiny Predators and Their Prey

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Recent Employment Opportunities
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  • Opportunities

    Opportunity: General Engineer, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, Oil Spill Preparedness Division

  • Opportunities

    Opportunity: Call for Nominations – Standing Committee to Advise the Understanding Gulf Ocean Systems Research Campaign

  • Opportunities

    Opportunity: Florida Institute of Oceanography, Director

  • Opportunities

    Opportunity: University of Southern Mississippi, Assistant Professor of Biological Oceanography

GoMRI in the News
  • GoMRI in the News


  • GoMRI in the News

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  • GoMRI in the News

    Sparkling waters hide some lasting harm from 2010 oil spill

  • GoMRI in the News

    OUR FISH: Deepwater Horizon oil fouled the Gulf of Mexico 10 years ago and still affects fisheries

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